I have been living for a number of years in a way that I hoped would lower my impact on the environment — the size of my “ecological footprint”. What follows is a brief summary of some aspects of how my wife and I live, followed by a concise summary of my conclusions as to its effectiveness and my analysis of the root causes of the current human predicament:

I believe we now need to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. Our species has so far simply used SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY TO REMOVE LIMITS TO GROWTH instead of LEARNING HOW TO LIVE WITHIN THE LIMITS OF REAL WORLD ECOSYSTEMS. I am highly pessimistic that the “intelligent monkey” is up to the challenge. If Canada, with its vast resources including large areas of pristine wilderness, and a small, well-educated, rich and healthy population is unable to model a sustainable way of living on this planet, perhaps it cannot be done.



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